X-Mile is a well-established Danish company importing non-food products from the Far East which are resold to major retail companies all over the world. The company’s specialist knowledge in trading with the Far East, primarily China, is based on many years of experience in buying and partner collaboration within this area. X-Mile focuses strongly on costs, pricing and logistics and strives to deal directly with the manufacturer to eliminate expensive intermediates.

The company was founded in 2004 and is located in Virklund near Silkeborg in Denmark.

X-Mile has been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI) since 2009. Amfori BSCI is an ethical organization that works to monitor and improve the working conditions of the employees at the production sites. This includes the prevention of child labour, forced labour, unfair working hours and low wages. Amfori BSCI members’ suppliers are inspected by independent auditors.

X-Mile supplies some of the largest retail/supermarket chains in Europe, but also has clients in Canada, Australia and the Baltic republics. Currently X-Mile has partners in more than 20 countries, but we are always interested in extending our network.

We specialise in private brands and tailored concepts for our clients, including packaging design and layout.